About Mentorship

At Ignite we believe that it only takes one person to believe in someone and to support him or her to grow to their full potential. At Ignite this support is giving through a mentor. 


Mentors at Ignite go in-depth regarding the positive statements and turning those negative answers into positive statements and that is the full focus.

The mentor keeps the teen accountable:

In filling in the questions

Helps turn the answers to the questions in positive statements 

Reminds the teen to stay on track and keep reading the daily statements

Mentors and teens

We are 100% committed to safety for the teen and mentor and therefore, mentors:

Are avoiding to provide personal therapy or (mental) health coaching

Are refraining from asking personal questions

Do not see the teen, do not know their last name, and do not have their phone number

Mentors and money

Mentors are volunteers and believe the ‘it takes one’ principle of Ignite and that it takes one person truly to believe in a teen to help them grow their confidence and strength.


All mentors went through the program themselves and then a rigorous self-discovery training.  For their first three kids a Lead mentor shall accompany them and joins their first 30 calls and listens to recordings regularly.


Each teen can reach out  to an Ignite trustee trustee@ignitemyself.com when they want to change their mentor.

Experience it for yourself

When you would like to experience how a call goes between a mentor and a teen; please reach out to experience@ignitemyself.com and we will schedule a meeting.

When you have any questions,

please reach out to welcome@ignitemyself.com.


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