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How does Ignite work? 

Ignite guides teens through a 12-week online life coaching program to develop habits, skills and the positive mindset to thrive and be their best selves with the support of an online coach.


Who do you want to be in 12 weeks?

Imagine starting your journey in the world with a real understanding of your emotional needs and self worth. Given the mental skills to go after what you want, online life coaching and online life mentoring, and innate self-awareness, who would you be?

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You would dream big


You would define your own identity

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You would be able to set your own goals and achieve them


You would thrive in life and never falter on your own value


Now, isn’t that something we’d all love for ourselves? Give yourself the opportunity to be your best self supported by an online coach and join Ignite’s online mentoring program.

Our online mentoring app and life coaching program for young adults boosts confidence and empowers teens to create a life they love. Experienced people support through online life mentoring the teens develop the tools to achieve their dreams!

How does our mentor program work?

Ignite App


10 minutes a day

Our app is an online life coaching app, which builds up your confidence with affirmations, activities and exercises. Everyone will get a online coach to support the rapid growth you'll experience in this online mentor program!


Impulse Mentoring


Once a week

A personal life coach will guide you through online life mentoring or in-person sessions. Work with a professional online life coach on your mindfulness, emotions and time management, or just accepting yourself for the wonderful person that you are. The real online coach is with you, aaaall the way!

Ignition Days


8 hours a month

Spend a day with great speakers who inspire. Learn from life-long learners who developed habits that helped them reach their full potential. So our personal development coaching program is so much more than just online life coaching; we are offline too!

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motivational speaker.png
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Ignite Circle


Whenever you need

Unite your energy, chat and bond with other teens on their own journeys. Staying motivated is easy with your support group, all via Ignite, your offline & online life coaching program!

Prep for college, career planning, or simply discovering your calling—start reaching your potential through personal development coaching!

Everyone has the ability to succeed and be their best selves. Ignite, an online life mentoring program, reminds you daily that you are enough. Our online life coaching program sparks teens to grow and develop the life skills and confidence we all need to thrive.

At Ignite, we are creating a thriving and loving world, together. We are developing technology and connecting individuals to achieve lasting change in the world and each other.


How are we different from other online mentor programs?


Individual mentoring

You may have heard of life coaching or online mentoring programs, or even met a few professionals who promise to help you in different aspects of life. We take the best of both the real and digital world to help you through our online life mentoring to become in charge of your life and manifest your dreams! Online life coaching only takes a couple of minutes each day and it helps you to manifest your dream world!


Your personality is your drive

The power of a positive mindset is huge! We believe that everyone has great potential, and in our online mentor program we provide the tools and ongoing support, via our online life mentoring app, to rewire their thinking so they can achieve that potential. Our alum are talented individuals that are looking for a way to reach long-term growth goals, boost their self esteem or mindfulness, and even find that acceptance in themselves that we all crave.


Easy and pleasant to use

Ignite offers a comprehensive array of online life coaching tools to keep you engaged, connected and improving in all areas of life. With our online mentoring app, online life coaches, support groups and methodology, you’ll notice tangible improvements in all aspects of your life.


Wherever you are, Ignite’s online mentoring program helps you stay on track.

Set personal growth goals with our online mentoring app, tap into Ignite’s methodology for creating a positive mindset, and watch your confidence and personal achievements skyrocket!

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